Big Data + Analytics

In the world more and more reliant on the proper gathering, storage, and utilization of data, Quantori has the skills and the tools to bring about the next step in technology. Quantori has been developing approaches to keep the exploding data volumes in safe, cost efficient and useful manner utilizing both on premises and the cloud providers in order to be able to draw as much insight from it as possible. Defining, right-sizing, and implementing the way to handle big data and make it available for the legacy applications and platforms is the core of our approach to the Big Data projects.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning for business allow for novel approaches to the issues that companies have been dealing with forever. Harnessing the opportunities provided by the ability to collect significantly more data than possible in past relies on the augmentation of human activities by algorithms and patter recognition that goes beyond human abilities. Quantori has a qualified team of mathematicians, algorithm designers, and developers that have a breadth of experience in bringing about the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Image Processing and Recognition

No modern life sciences research or healthcare practice can be imagined without the need for image recognition and analysis. From the still images of various assays, to the X-rays and MRIs, cell images, and probe analysis, there is always a need to automate, classify, differentiate and make the usage of qualified professionals' time more effective and meaningful. Quantori has a team of experts that specialize in image analysis, pattern recognition, 3D scene reconstruction based on 2D images, real time video processing and other tasks relevant in this area.

Domain Based Data Solutions

The requirements that are present for the data in different industries vary significantly. While Finance and Healthcare needs full ACID compliance, the needs of the research entities are often very different and are concentrated on the ease of use and the presence of varying business representations of the same data. For example, a start up drug discovery company may need the same data represented differently for a researcher, manager, board member, and for the FDA submission. Quantori has successfully implemented projects working with the RDBMS, various NoSQL databases, Graph and Semantic database, as well as build specialized binary storage formats for the particular customer's needs.


Quantori has been involved in High-Perfomance Computing projects conducting design, analysis, end to end implementations and operations with a variety of backends and runners. Having experience with both proprietary and open source solutions, Quantori has the skills and expertise to engage in any HPC project, delivering value in the most complex situation.

Cloud Solutions

No matter the stage of the cloud transformation, Quantori is a cloud solution provider, who can design, facilitate, or manage the change. While there are times when "lift and shift" is the most appropriate solution, there are those where more nuanced approach is needed. Quantori, as the Cloud Solutions Company, has both the infrastructure expertise with certified cloud professionals (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform) and the development capability to adjust the applications and design the most performant, cost effective and scalable approach.

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