Quantori is a premier system integration and custom software development company that provides our clients with high quality advanced technology solutions and services

As a systems integration and application development company, Quantori combines technological expertise, scientific domain experience with a commitment to deliver the comprehensive solution in a cost-effective manner.

Quantori is a trusted partner

Quantori strives to become a partner and not just a vendor. We have successfully brought Advanced Technologies and development practices into existing enterprises and guided them through the change and adaptation. Quantori has provided the service of updating and maintaining applications in heterogenous landscapes with significant legacy components. Additionally, Quantori provides support services - all the way from L3 for the custom applications we have developed to the 24/7 L1 helpdesk and everything in between.

How we manage projects

Quantori's project management consists of the practices that have proven to provide clarity, transparency, and make sure that the projects are executed on time and in budget.

Regular Meeting Cadence

Quantori believes that it’s important to communicate clearly and often in order for everyone to be on the same page. Weekly meetings are held with the discussion of the plan, RAID Log, and the weekly report. The meetings happen at the same time every week and are 30 minutes to an hour long.

Clear Planning

Quantori has a plan how to bring the project to success at all times. We discuss it weekly and use it as a basis for our project decision making. The plan might have to be adjusted when something new comes up but it’s always there.


Quantori keeps a RAID Log — the list of all Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Dependencies. We discuss it weekly and it’s always clear who is responsible for what. The RAID Log impacts the plan but it’s never a surprise.

Simple Escalation

Quantori’s management is deeply committed to customer satisfaction and success.  A well-defined escalation process is in place with Quantori senior management stakeholders assigned to every project. 

Easy Reporting

Quantori provides a weekly report on what has been done, what are the plans for the upcoming week, and current project status. Reports are provided in advance so meeting discussions are efficient and productive.  Report formats are flexible to meet customer requirements and particular project needs.

How we do delivery

Quantori's delivery approach is guided by the years of experience in the field and draws from the techniques that have proven to work in a variety of scenarios.


Quantori conducts detailed requirements gathering for each project, utilizing senior business analysis, architecture, and delivery leaders. Discovery facilitates establishment of assumptions, identification of risks, and allows for data driven decision making during the project’s execution.


Quantori has a team of certified engineering expertise to design the most appropriate architecture, meeting all functional and non-functional requirements. The architects are present throughout the project, overseeing the progress and presenting technical options that meet the performance goals of the project.


Quantori utilizes experienced UX/UI designers, which propose and craft an approach that is most relevant for a given project. From green field development to legacy updates and designing in a tightly prescribed corporate environment, our team is dedicated to achieving the most simple and efficient user interaction.

Development and Quality Assurance

Quantori follows modern development approaches and successfully performs in both waterfall and agile setting. We prefer agile practices and are versatile in following the approach that makes the most sense for a given project — be that Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban or any other methodology that would provide fast development and delivery of a high-quality system.


Quantori has fully embraced the DevOps approach to managing deployments. We also work in legacy environments with time and scope-based deployments.  We are experienced in design and deployment of GxP and other regulated environments.

Change management

Quantori believes that software is serving a business purpose.  Our deep experience supports individuals and teams in making organizational changes.  Creating the change management strategy, providing the proper messaging, training the users and collecting feedback are some of the many skills we utilize for project success.

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